Welcome to Musomania!

Welcome to Musomania!

Musomania creates new, powerful and inspiring opportunities for learning, teaching and making music through special partnerships with industry leaders. We're here to help you overcome barriers like time, distance and money to ensure better access to the world of music.

Skype sessions with qualified music teachers, video lessons, and teacher messaging ensure that help is always available for students.
Talk to fellow music-lovers all over the Australia. Share your highs and lows; get tips and tricks to improve your performances.
Participate in exciting concerts with fellow students; play with some of Australia's best musical talent.

Introducing MATT

Our Music Aural and Theory Trainer (MATT) helps music students to prepare for their Trinity and AMEB exams by providing weekly drills and videos of live lectures and classes.


Musomaniacs is a program for schools and groups of school-aged children. It allows music learning when and where convenient: city or outback, school or home.

ALL Musomaniacs get:

  • Expert tuition;
  • World-class courses designed to promote K-6 learning outcomes for each state’s curriculum;
  • Access to the cheapest, quality-assured instruments;
  • 24/7 guidance and encouragement;
  • Interaction with other students from across the country;
  • Exciting concert opportunities;
  • Play commissioned works by some of Australia’s top composers;
  • The chance to work with leading local and international guest artists;
  • Opportunities for sponsorship and scholarships;
  • The same incredibly low prices.

Stay tuned!